Renewal and Reset


Are you looking for something more for yourself?

More relaxation, more connection, more energy, a community, Healing! Are you looking to escape the noise from your everyday life?

If you are looking for a 100% tailor-made getaway, a space where you can be pampered and fill your cup without interruptions, this wellness retreat for women is for you.

A Women and Wellness Retreat

November 8 – 12, 2023


Our Holistic Approach

What does it mean?

Each woman has had many diverse experiences in her life, which makes her a unique person, and unique people Rock!!

Innerglow takes a look at the whole person and its environment, then it empowers the person to create a roadmap to help the individual reach her own goals. Whether is body, or mind, or a combination of both, Innerglow provides the tools and guidance to help you create space in your life to help you reach your definition of joy.

Our Services

Wellness Coaching

Health Wellness and Body Confidence Coaching help individuals who, for the most part, express that their day to day is going fine, yet they still feel that there is something missing in their lives. They might just express feeling overwhelmed because of the many roles they play in their lives and are having a difficult time finding a space where they can focus their energy on nourishing their bodies, so they can achieve physical strength, and a sense of health

Coaching is provided to women interested in receiving help with the following: 

  • Boosting Your Body Self-confidence
  • Strengthening Self-connection
  • Maximizing Your Self-Care
  • Basic Nutrition Guidance
  • Staying Physically Active
  • Building the confident to love yourself beyond your looks


Innerglow offers a variety of Workshops/Groups throughout the year.  These groups range from informational to educational. But we also provide a place where women can interact with each other in an environment of trust and acceptance. The groups offer the participants an opportunity to truly look inward to increase their awareness around intention, self-love, and trauma healing, which can lead to improvement of life satisfaction.


Retreats provide more than relaxation, they offer a community and place to grow with like-minded people. Are you looking to escape the noise from your everyday life? Join us in our next retreat, Renewal and Reset Retreat. Click button below for more details.

Renew and Reset into the new year, best gift to give yourself!

Trauma-Informed Yoga

Yoga is well known for its stress-relief and relaxation benefits, and in our trauma-informed routines you will build life skills to support your own sense of self, gain confidence to take control on your actions, manage stress and build resiliency, all with the final goal to help you and your body bounce back after trauma.

Yoga and Mental Health

Yoga and Mental Health

Yoga and Mental HealthDear YouDo you know how many times I have heard the Jane Fonda name? Ugh, how annoying!!!!! My mom would always talk about this lady, and how at 40 years old she looked like she was 20. “So, what? I would tell myself. I am only 12, why would I be...

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National Minority Health

National Minority Health

Mental Health in MinorityDid you know that April is National Minority Mental Health Month?Stress Awareness!!! The state of our mental health can significantly impact our overall health. Although mental health problems can affect everyone regardless of ethnicity, race,...

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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

International Women's DayCelebrating Women!!March is known as the month for women, but it is important that we make ours all year round. With the passing of the years, women have been taking our place in society and showing and demanding our values and rights. Despite...

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