Brittany Mena, BSW Therapeutic Art Coach

About me

Brittany here, and Integrative Therapeutic Art Coach with a person-centered, trauma-informed, holistic approach to wellbeing. Happy you are reading me as this could mean you are contemplating seeking support.

Yay! I would be glad to help you if you decide my style is one that aligns with what you are seeking.

A bit about me, I am a very artistic person, my talent for anything creative is innate. I sing, I paint and I am a great listener. I was also diagnosed with ADD at a very young age, which made thing outside of the creative world, a bit challenging for me.

Yet here I am after understanding that my artistic skills were my best coping skills, it came to me that others can utilize these same skills to transform their live. So, if you chose to work with me considere me your partner in your journey. My role will be to support you as you attune to your own self-wisdom. I will honor your lived experiences and hold space for you. I will focus on the person you are and your potential to accomplish change. We will use art as our main tool for connection, clarity, grounding, growth and healing. We will always check in, and explore progress, as well as challenges. Lastly, we will have lots of fun!

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My Approach

My approach is funny, and playful. I love making others laugh, and feel seen. As I stated before, my approach is Person Center which means I will meet you where you are, and we will together explore different  artistic modalities. I believe art is one of the most primitive form of self expresion, and communication which creates transformation and healing.

In our time together my focus will be in asking the right questions, being a guide in terms of different artistic tools, that can be utilized to increase self-awareness, soothing sensation, grounding and stress relief.

I will teach you how art can be utilized as a source for midfulness and meditation, as well as will provide you a space for you to explore with the different  material as these can influence the creative process.

Art is not only about the creation, it is also about mood regulating, as the process of focusing on the art work and the sensory experiences can also help with attention shifting from negative thoughts and feelings. It is throught the art-making process that individuals can experience a sense of agency and control, making choices about colors, materials, and artistic techniques. Creating art and witnessing their creative abilities, which contributes to a more positive self-image.