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Eating Disorder Recovery Membership

Society’s expectation of femeninity often support the notion of thinnes. This ideal, influences women experiences with food and their bodies. Often times, making women engage in disordered eating behaviors as a means to meet these perceived ideals, leading women to disconnect from their bodies and neglect nutrition.  Unfortunatelly, this lack of connection with their body, and the poor nutrion choices, puts women at risk for chronic health condictions.

Eating disorders can strain relationships, an essential part of human’s life, making the individual experiencing the eating disorder feel isolated, and alone which in-turn makes the eating disorder worsen.
Eating disorders have many roots, ranging from biological factors, to social and emotional.
Sadly, eating disorders consume us to the point where we completely disconnect from ourselves, and others. keeping us preoccupied with food, weight, and body image. 

Our Eating Disorder Recovery Membership is a membership like no other. It is gear towards supporting women, by providing emotional support, regular check-ins, monitoring of progress, offering guidance and feedback, along with a community of others whom are part of the membership. Further, the build in HOPE component, is designed to bring you home to yourself to connect to your wholeness and well being.
Because we know, with the right support, RECOVERY is possible!

Are you feeling?

Body image dissatisfaction
Social & Cultural Pressure
Emotional distress
Physical health complications
Interpersonal difficulties
Treatment challenges
Fear of weight gain and recovery

Inside the Membership

Enjoy unlimited access to resources about nutrition, meal planning strategies, hydration, rest, self-care practices and rituals, opportunity for live and recorded workshops, joyful movement practices, and at home retreats guide.

Bi-weekly live Wellness talks from your membership creator.

Access to a private FB  community with  other women in their recovery journey.

PDF worksheeps for self reflection and monitoring of progress.
Discounts on special events.

Pricing Options

Monthly Subscription  

Renews automatically

 6 Months Subscription  
$180/6 Months

Renews automatically

Year Subscription  

Renews automatically

Membership Benefits 

  • Opportunity for human connection
  • Encouragement to prioritize recovery.
  • Accessible & Reliable Information
  • Inspiration
  • Loving accountability
  • Nutrition Support
  • Delicious Receipes
  • Professional Support
template website coach
template website coach