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Everyone to some degree has experienced some type of trauma in their lives. It’s important to note that individuals can experience trauma differently, and not all reactions to trauma are the same. This is the reason why our intensive is tailored based on the individual’s need.

EMDR intensives are focused EMDR sessions used for individuals that have experienced a traumatic event or series of traumatic events, in ther life. Tramautic events can have a profound impact in an individual’s well-being and overall functioning. The effects of trauma can vary depending on the nature and severity of the event, as well as individual factors, such as, resilience and support systems. Our intensive progrm is intended to help our clients achieve true transformation and healing. 

Intensive Benefits

Elimination of targeted negative believes
Elimination of obsessive thoughts/behaviors
Removal of mental obstacles and neurological blocks
Reduction of triggered responses
Reduction of debilitating symptoms (Depression/Anxiety/Anger/Hygeraroused
/Self Doubt, etc
Cognitive Restructuring
Enhancement of Emotional Regulation
Increases confidence, motivation, focus, clarity, calmness, self-esteem, communication, memory, mood.

Program Module

We offer a 15hrs program with a customized workbook to help guide the EMDR process. This program is structure in 5 days. 4 days back to back. Day 1, 90 minutes pre-intensive assessment, days 2-4 EMDR protocol. Day 5, 90 minutes post-treament consultation.   

Intensives are only done in person at our office, as this allows the incorporation of our holistic complematary modalities integration (yoga, meditation, breathwork, art, Journaling, sound healing, reiki) .


15hrs Trauma Treatment with EMDR In-Person Intensive
(Lunch included days 2-3, breakfast & snack included on day 4)

Note: Intensives are usually scheduled the last week of the month, Thursday-Saturday, with post treatment consultation within 2 weeks of intensive.