Fatima Singh, Reiki Master Practitioner

About me

As the spiritual person I consider myself to be, holistic spiritual modalities are one of my go to for grounding, connection and healing. As a cancer survivor, and believer of the healing power energy posses, I am dedicated to helping individuals restore their health and well being throught the healing power of Reiki.

This modality is a techique rooted in Japanesse traditions, which helps remove energy blockages, while using the individual’s own natural healing abilities.

My passion is helping others connect to the intrinsic healing power, supporting them in their learning to foster this connection, and providing an empowering space for transformation to occur.

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My Approach

I enjoy the energetic vibration that is created in spaces where laughter is present. I like to make my clients feel welcome,  invite all parts of my clients to be part of the process, and strive to help all parts cultivate a sense of ease.



You might be wondering, what am I reffering to when talking about all parts. This concept comes from a therapeutic approach that views the individual as a system consisting of various “parts” or subpersonalities, each with its own thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. These parts can range from protective and nurturing to wounded or self-critical.  This is why inviting all parts of the individual into the healing journey, is primal in helping clients develop the sense of ease, I was refering to.