Renewal & Reset

If you are seeking a 100% tailored scape, a space to be pampered and to fill your cup uninterrupted, this women wellness retreat is for you. Experience the best of a health, fitness, spa and yoga with the freedom and safety of a peaceful gorgeous boutique villa with no pressure, no guilt, just beauty, kindness, and love. We want you to leave as the best version of yourself simply by creating space in your life to follow your bliss your way

Yoga as Therapy

Stress and Anxiety does not have to be a condition we accept as normal. We all deserve to feel vibrant, energize, and joyful. This workshop is intended to give you tools that are suitbale to help your body when particular conditions arise.

Yoga gives us a way to acess our own inner medicine cabinet, and it foster natural healing.

This workshop is inteded for anyone wanting to learn therapeutic yoga tools and practices to foster, wellness.

Stress Reduction Tools
Medication Practice
Breathing Techniques
Opportunity for Connection

Date: 8/16/23
Time: 10am-2pm
Cost: $100

Healing through Journaling

Journaling is not the same as writing  on a diary. There are tons of benefits one can gain from the beautiful art of journaling, HEALING from Trauma being one of them.

Writing down one’s thoughts and feelings, can help us reduce stress and anxiety, gain self confidence, observe patterns of maladaptive and adaptive behaviors, improves our writting and communication skills, boost emotional inteligence, helps us reflect and track growth.

Journaling is also a tool to boost our immune system, as it helps us to stop our negative thoughts which influences our nervous  system, which will be discussed in depth during this wokshop.

During this workshop, we will discuss way to make journaling a part of our lives and a way to stay consiten with this healing art. 

Date: 9/19/23
Time: 11am-12pm
Const: FREE

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