Rosmer Mena, Women Wellness Coach, RYT

About me

My name is Rosmer Mena. I am the founder of Innerglow Holistic, a Women Wellness Coach and also a Licensed Psychotherapist trained in multiple holistic modalities, to include, somatic and trauma informed yoga.

My years of experience in the mental health wellness field, has given me practical skills, which has been the perfect combination to incorporate with individuals seeking a bottom up approach. This  refers to the analysis of raw sensory data, such as sights, sounds, and sensations, which then forms the basis for higher-level cognitive processes and perception. In this sense, the information flows from the sensory input to the brain, influencing our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

The bottom up approach has been my modality of preference, in helping individuals deepen their inner connection, as they identify and release trapped stress, and emotions in their bodies.

In my work with individuals, I ensure that the individual gains understanding of how the body, mind, and soul can work together to allow for clarity around how the nature of the external world, does not need to disrupt the nature of the internal. In essence my hope is that my clients can embody a sense of bliss and harmony, as this is the vibration we are meant to be in, which only happens when we are truly in-tune with our body.

My personal struggles with different life situations led me to explore the different holistic approaches, I now incorporate which serve as complementary modalities. After seeing the changes using these modalities had in my own life, I could no longer see myself not incorporating them in my work with my clients.

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My Approach

My approach is very informal, yet professional, authentic, and based on the energetic connection that presents in my interaction with the individual seeking services. I am committed to safety and effectively providing a space that allows for guidance, self-exploration, and opportunity for growth as I provides my clients with practical steps to heal wounded emotions and trauma, from past experiences.

My power lies within my human-ness, and my believe that all humans possess a deep-seated drive to search for meaning, purpose, and transcendence. That humans have the capacity to manifests in various forms, and can recognize that all humans are complex and multifaceted. I believe that holistic complementary modalities assist individuals in their quest to discovering whom they really are, and the healing power that lies within them. Ultimately, I believe human-ness encompasses the diverse range of qualities, abilities, and potentials that make each individual a unique and valuable member of the human species.