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Life is beautiful! Yet it is also very chaotic and often knocks us down making it incredibly hard for us to get back up and keep pushing forward.

Innerglow Holistic is a bilingual space built on anti-oppressive values and action of integrity, designed to help individuals explore life through creative and complementary tools. Our services are designed to support women, as women face unique challenges and life experiences that can drag them into spaces they don’t want to be, yet don’t know how to get out. Innerglow Holistic focus is to empowered women to build self-trust, self-love, corrects distorted sense of self, and to support them as they develop new ways of thinking and proper tools to achieve wellness and happiness. Innerglow host wellbeing events and retreats around Florida as well as in other parts of the world.


We do not work with man and will not make any exception as although we understand that everyone can benefit from support, our specialties are in supporting women experiencing, birthing trauma, miscarriages, post abortion symptoms, relationship trauma, sexual trauma, body image issues, PMS, PMDD, among others.

Our approach is one that incorporates body, mind, and soul, and our motto is to respect, embrace, celebrate, and encourage difference. We believe that everyone is unique and special, and we are committed to reminding each person we provide services to, that they deserve to be loved and seen. This is why at Innerglow Holistic we provide an eclectic approach that meets every person where they are and essentially invites the individual to look inward and reflect on what is true to them, and how this truth aligns with their true self.

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Corporate & Private Events

Wellness Corporate Programs are a party coming to you, an amaxing  initiatives implemented by organizations to promote the health and well-being of their employees.

These programs offer a range of activities, resources, and support aimed at improving employees’ physical, mental, and emotional health.

These wellness programs go beyond the corporate world, if you have a group you are bringing together and desirieng to give them the experience of a life, we would be happy to accomdate a request, and can  bring the party to you. Our integrative modalities are a powerful tool to bring everyone to maximun funtion, while enjoying a good time.